Nori Ito



Teaching - Workshops

Developing digital literacy in the language classroom

University of Ottawa, Faculty of Education, Ottawa, ON.
February 20, 2020


Editing impactful videos with your phone

Kashii Secondary High School, Kashii, Japan
February 3, 2020


Filming impactful videos with your phone

Shopify / Kashii Secondary High School, Ottawa, ON.
January 10, 2020


Editing Instagram videos to engage with followers

Stone Market Co., Fukuoka, Japan
July 25, 2019


Framing and storytelling: Making beautiful videos for your business

Kasuga City Commercial and Industrial Association, Kasuga, Japan
July 24, 2019


Impactful videos help your business

Canal City Hakata., Hakata, Japan
July 21, 2019


Smartphone videos can tell your story

iClub Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan
March 10, 2018


Using your smartphone to make promotional materials for your business 

OIta Business Community, Oita, Japan
February 18, 2018


Top 25 - Produced, shot & edited SSHRC 2019 Storyteller video for Shelina Adatia 

Silver - Historica Photo contest 2016 

2nd place - Graduate Student Family Housing video contest 2016


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